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Mission Statement

Tessera Dance® is committed to providing instruction on strong foundational technique, innovating movement vocabulary for group improvisation, and building a fun inclusive, and passionate community.

Tessera Tenets


Dance is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, size, nationality, religion, or any of the other differences that make us unique.  All bodies are welcome.


Treat everyone with kindness and understanding.   Reserve judgment and value each other as unique individuals with different abilities.    


Leave your ego off the dance floor.  Being a strong leader means making the group look good as a whole.  You’re never too advanced for Level 1.


Support your local community.  Go to shows even if you aren’t dancing or, better yet, volunteer.  Stick around to watch each other perform.


Stand up for one another.  Have zero tolerance for hate speech or bullying.  


Learn about the people, history, and cultures that have inspired and influenced this dance.  Give back and give credit.  Honor your teachers, elders, and the people who have come before you.


Be thankful for each other and the opportunity to dance together. 


Dance because you love it.  Share your joy with others.

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