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About Us

Tessera Dance is a dynamic trio that embodies the deep friendship and shared vision between Sofia, Jesse, and Michiyo. 

Established in 2013, Tessera Dance is committed to the pursuit of excellence in dance technique, performance, and instruction, alongside the exploration of cutting edge ideas.  Recognized for their innovative, formation-driven movement vocabulary, Tessera pushes boundaries while staying true to the core principles of effortless and organic group improvisation.


Michiyo Salisbury

Michiyo became so entranced with Middle Eastern music that she took her first Bellydance class in 2001. She continued her study of both Folkloric and Oriental Bellydance after moving to Australia.
In 2006 she discovered FCBD®Style Bellydance, which has since become her lifetime passion....


Jesse Stanbridge

Jesse was introduced to group improv when she saw her first performance at a club in 2002. She was instantly hooked.

Upon moving to London in 2005, Jesse was determined to foster and shape the UK’s burgeoning group improv community. As co-founder of Moirai Tribal with Philippa Moirai, Jesse performed and hosted dance events throughout the UK. Through a job offer, Jesse relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012....

Michiyo Photo.jpg

Sofia Salazar-Rubio

Sofia is originally from the picturesque Pacific Northwest, but was fortunate to stumble upon classes at the San Francisco Mothership over a decade ago.  She received her General Skills and Teacher Training certifications in 2015 and is honored to be a member of FatChanceBellyDance®.
Before beginning her FCBD®Style education, Sofia studied Egyptian cabaret under the direction of the esteemed Nanna Candelaria.....

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