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Jesse Stanbridge

Jesse was introduced to group improv when she saw her first performance at a club in 2002. She was instantly hooked.

Upon moving to London in 2005, Jesse was determined to foster and shape the UK’s burgeoning group improv community. As co-founder of Moirai Tribal with Philippa Moirai, Jesse performed and hosted dance events throughout the UK. Through a job offer, Jesse relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 and continues to seek every opportunity to study with. top instructors.

As an instructor, Jesse enjoys serving her students solid technique with a healthy portion of humor on the side.

You may also catch her showing off her spooky side as a principle dancer with Ariellah Aflalo’s Deshret Dance Company.

When she’s not dancing, Jesse loves being a co-host of “The Cue – FCBD®Style Podcast" with her partner and IRL Best Buddy, Sofia Salazar-Rubio. She’s a gin drinkin’, metal listenin’ cat-mom of two who enjoys camping and pizza. 

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